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Anxious Thoughts

Posted 2/23/2022


Anxiety is intense, excessive, or constant worry about everyday situations.

We begin to feel anxious. Our heartbeat picks up. We start to either breathe too fast, or hold our breath and have shallow breathing. We may even start to sweat and feel very tired. Our bodies go quickly into a state of stress. But stop! What is causing our anxiety? Is it our thoughts? Fear of the unknown? Worrying about a new situation? Worrying about “what-ifs?”

Anxious thoughts are negative thoughts, and they create negative feelings. These bad feelings have a way of hanging on to us and not letting us live our life; they hold us back. Big negative thoughts can grow from one small negative thought. These thoughts may seem to be true to us, but that doesn’t make them the truth.

There are ways to help with anxiety and it starts with our thinking patterns. We must retrain our brain to think positively and to show ourselves our positive thoughts are the right thoughts. The more positive things we focus on, the more nerve pathways are activated in our brain to help impress on us this is correct thinking.

A simple way to start the day off positively is by intentionally thinking about three positive things. It doesn’t matter how simple and silly they are, as long as they are positive and bring us a smile. Training ourselves to think this way helps us focus on the good throughout the day and throughout life. When we approach tasks or situations looking for the good, that it the most likely outcome we will have. We can create positive results by being positive.

  • Create positive thought patterns
  • Counteract negativity by recalling three positive things
  • Smile to train your brain into being happy
  • Make some acts of kindness
  • Surround yourself with positive people