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New Year New You

Posted 2/15/2021

With the new year beginning, many are thinking about their new year's resolutions and looking for ways to better themselves. One thing to help you reach your goals during the new year is to form good habits.

When you start building a new habit, it is best to only start with just one thing at a time so you don't get overwhelmed and give up. Make sure your new habit is simple, and can be done daily. Commit a minimum of one month to establish a new habit. Here are some simple tips that have been shared elsewhere, and are very solid. 

1. Remind yourself
2. A routine is not a rut
3. Reward yourself

Creating reminders is a powerful tool to keep yourself working on things. They can be a alarm on your phone or a calendar event to give yourself a small nudge.  You can leave yourself a sticky note with a reminder on your fridge or your bathroom mirror. You can get creative in many ways to remind yourself that you are becoming better and better.

Routine is your friend when you are training yourself to change your thinking and your actions. Since your new behaviors are new, they are not your stuck-in-a-rut, not-thinking-about-it defaults. Think about your new behaviors actively while you are doing them, and they will have a chance to become a deep part of you.

Reward is the benefit you receive from doing the habit. You want to be better in all the ways you promised yourself. Small celebrations along the way can help immensely in keeping you on track. Did you remember today without a reminder to work on your new habit? Celebrate your achievement with something you appreciate - thank yourself. Doing this will help you to keep after the big goal of becoming a better person.

A new habit I am forming is a daily gratitude journal. I started by reading a few articles on what a gratitude journal is, and why people keep them. I decided to start with only writing one thing each day I was grateful for. Gradually, over the weeks, I went from writing about only one thing to writing up to three different things daily for which I was grateful. I write in my gratitude journal while I am eating breakfast.

Hang in there my friends, and you can create a whole new you.